We  seek writing that will make us salivate. Words that will make our  stomachs growl. We want engorging work that satiates our minds in its  reflection of life. Like the title of our beloved magazine; we  especially want to see the interplay between bitterness and sweetness;  light and darkness, salvation and damnation. If your writing paints a  dark cavern, show us the matchstick. If it speaks to the large macrocosm  of life, let us see it through a pinhole lens. We want pieces that  teeter; balancing on the paradoxical and undefined. We want work that we  can’t pigeonhole; defying labels and societal expectations. Give us the  tart wine, the honeyed poison. Our favorite part of consuming chocolate  is the sweet aftertaste that follows the bitter bite.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

-Submissions  should be in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .mp3, or .jpeg format  depending on the medium. If you have any special considerations, inquire  concerning them by contacting us at: editors@bitterzoetmag.com

-Please include your name and titles of your work in your cover letter.

-Poets should submit three to five poems in one document.

-Prose writers should submit one piece no longer than 1000 words double spaced at 12 point font.

-Artwork and photography should be high quality images. Color or black and white is fine.

-Music should be in an .mp3 format.

-We will accept simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

-Only  one submission per writer/artist per reading period (March-August, and  September-February). We usually respond within a month. If it has been  longer than that, feel free to contact us. 

-Please send all questions to our editors (usually Pattie) using the contact form provided or email us at: editors@bitterzoetmag.com

*We also will add you to our newsletter, so you can stay connected to our contests, chapbook reading periods, and sales!

*Also, if we enjoy the work as a whole, we will ask to turn it into one of our bonbons or a broadside possibly. We'll send an email with further details.